as with any new relationship the best part is the story: discovering the past trials and tribulations, small victories and the great leaps and bounds in life that make us who we are.

this spring we will begin a new chapter and we are inviting all friends, both old and new, to join us in our celebration.

this is our tale of a craftsman and wolves. we look forward to learning yours.

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on march fifth 2012 outfit generic anonymously delivered a personalized flash drive containing a look book for our upcoming pâtisserie.

we liked the idea of reaching out to friends we hold dear, colleagues, fellow chefs we respect and media that have always been supportive. we thought it an interesting way to preface our first project and hopefully a break from the norm for those who received it.

here are the contents in their entirety:

^ many thanks to richie nakano for the ‘opening’ shot


Now we don’t ask for medals, we don’t ask for praise. We work hard instead, and then we walk away -TL/Rx

6′ x 30″ butcher block found left for dead – in the act of being cleaned up and cut into smaller boards for the kitchen.

Nature of the Experiment.

You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star – Nietzsche

New custom frames have arrived, inspiration and determination showed up as well. Here is a sneak peek at one of the products we are most excited about.

We hope you will be too.

 pictured above : raw almond, roasted white chocolate, coconut and apple / in progress / custom frames

entremet photo: Liza Gershman


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